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Moonshot represents a comprehensive ecosystem, acting as the dynamic nexus where visionary startups and astute investors converge to explore groundbreaking opportunities.

Moonshot offers invaluable resources in the form of mentorship, expert guidance, and sector-specific advisory services. It vets high quality company and connect them to their 1,500+ strong investor network. Our team arranges and executes funding deals and also works on subsequent funding rounds to give profitable exits to early investors.

Startup evaluation

Companies seeking funding submit applications to the Moonshot platform and qualifying startups are onboarded to the platform.

Bridging founder-investor

RedeFin Capital facilitates investor-founder calls after expressed interest, connecting both parties for better understanding of the startups.

Performance tracking

RedeFin Capital keeps a continuous track by vetting potential investments through closely monitoring key metrics and enable investors to realize returns through early exit options.

Pitch session

Founders pitch their startups to investors, providing insights and expressing interest in resonating opportunities.

Investment commitment

After an investor chooses a startup, RedeFin's team aids in the investment process, handling document preparation and term sheets.

RedeFin Elite

As a part of the RedeFin Elite program, we provides investors with industry or company-specific exclusive investment reports and assists them in evaluating & comparing investment opportunities.

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